Definitions for "TINE"
Keywords:  antler, prong, fork, spike, pitchfork
A tooth, or spike, as of a fork; a prong, as of an antler.
Any one of the spikes or prongs of the antler.
A sharp, projecting point or prong, as of a fork or the pointed tip of an antler.
Keywords:  kindle, rage, smart, fire, set
To kindle; to set on fire.
To kindle; to rage; to smart.
Keywords:  jarlsberg, frisk, geitost, ridder, nok
TINE BA is a large Norwegian dairy product cooperative consisting of around 18,500 farmers and 5,353 employees. It is running a near monopoly in Norway, with a turnaround of around NOK 14 billion. TINE's internationally known products are Jarlsberg cheese, Snøfrisk goat cheese, Ridder and Ski-Queen (geitost).
Keywords:  inclose, shut
To shut in, or inclose.
A rigid or sprung leg of a cultivator which carries a wearing 'point'.
slender, pointed projection of implement or weapon.
Keywords:  teen, trouble, distress
Trouble; distress; teen.
Keywords:  clapper, tongue, bell, strikes, inside
the tongue or clapper of a bell which strikes it on the inside and causes it to sound
Keywords:  elite, adventure, platform, cross, game
TINE Is Not Elite, TINE is cross-platform space adventure game.