Definitions for "TimeTable"
TimeTable project intend to build a limited time-table arragement assistant system for university courses. We develop this system using ASP.NET 2005 beta 2 with PostGreSQL
Français : Horaire (public) Deutsch : Fahrplan (Veröffentlichter~) The plan of the journeys, for one or more Services, for a whole day type, showing Departures and Passing times at stops, as advertised to the public. See also : Schedule
a feasible allocation of exams to sessions and rooms.
a surrender and the terrorists will simply bide their time until we leave
a temporal arrangement of a set of meetings such that all given constraints are satisfied
Keywords:  goal, achieved, period
a period of time in which a goal is to be achieved.
A listing of services and when they can be expected.
A list of dates by when directions must be carried out.
Keywords:  written, plan, management
a written plan for time management