Definitions for "TimeKeeper"
TimeKeeper is a time keeping app meant to help keep track of time spent on tasks. Currently, it's only in planning. It's meant as a replacement for larger projects like dotProject that can be a pain to put time in when there are lots of projects in dP.
TimeKeeper is a time management system that allows you to keep track of your time spent on projects and comments added during sessions. Ease of use being a major focus of TimeKeeper, it comes with a web interface as well as a command line interface.
A person who keeps, marks, regulates, or determines the time.
A clock, watch, or other chronometer; a timepiece.
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One who gives the time for the departure of conveyances.
One appointed to mark and declare the time of participants in races or other contests.
the person(s) appointed by a Controlling Body (or Teams) to keep the time of a Match.