Definitions for "Time-out"
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Break from the game session at GMs discretion. Permits players to discuss things that will not directly affect the game situation such as rules explanations.
A stoppage of the game clock, normally called by a coach to discuss strategy with the team.
a brief suspension of play; "each team has two time-outs left"
an educational -mainly parenting technique- recommended by many pediatrists, and developmental psychologists as an alternative to spanking and other traditional forms of discipline
a parenting technique recommended by many pediatrists, and developmental psychologists as a less harmful alternative to spanking and other traditional forms of discipline
a period during which a child is removed from the troublesome situation or temptation
a QUIET time to think about what I did wrong
a short break that people can take to prevent difficult situations from becoming abusive
An operant conditioning punishment procedure in which, after bad behaviour, the person is temporarily removed from a setting where reinforcers can be obtained and placed in a less desirable setting, for example, in a boring room.
Technique used to briefly isolate a disruptive child in order to interrupt and avoid reinforcement of negative behavior.
a technique used to interrupt the tension-building phase leading to an argument
A security feature that logs off a user if any entry is not made at the terminal within a specified period of time.
When the PIC-200 display goes off after a few minutes of non-use to conserve the battery. Any programming operation in progress will be canceled.
A period of time after which some condition becomes true if some event has not occurred. For example, a session that is terminated because its state has been inactive for a specified period of time is said to "time out".
A time-out occurs when one network device expects to hear from another but does not receive the reply within a specified period of time. After a time-out, the information is either retransmitted or the link between the two devices is broken.
A condition where an expected character is not received in time. When this condition occurs, the software assumes that the data has been lost and requests it to be resent.
Called by an umpire when a foul is committed, an accident occurs or at his discretion. A player may call time-out if he has broken a key piece of tack or is injured. Time-out is not permitted for changing ponies or for replacing a broken mallet, although a player may do so at any time.
a constructive way to try to solve problems in your family
a constructive way to try to solve problems within families
a step toward better family relationships
to cause the repeater, or a repeater function, to turn off because you have transmiited too long
this is when an application switches off or locks you out because it has not detected any activity for a set period of time usually to prevent someone else from accessing your information. We will automatically lock you out of our Online Services area if we have not detected any activity for some time as a security precaution.
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A quick period of time in which a driver or device must stop performing the current action, and contact the operating system.
If a software timer expires before a device reports back that it has finished its operation, a Time-Out error occurs.