Definitions for "Time out"
After 30 seconds of inactivity on your wireless device browser, the Internet connection is disconnected and is considered to have "timed out." The browser session will be reinitiated when you make another menu selection, which causes a "sending" or "receiving" message on your screen.
Set waiting period before a terminal system performs some action. [Typical uses include a poll release (when a terminal is disconnected if the time-out period elapses before keying resumes) or an access time-out.
This is the result if a computer or other network device (such as a telephone) waits more than a predetermined amount of time when requesting data from another source. It is usually something like a disconnection.
A rest period when play stops. Each player is allowed three per game and two in a tiebreaker. The length is usually 30 to 60 seconds.
Both teams have three time outs after and before the half time. Aikalisä (Pinomaa)
a safe, temporary halting of work in progress to clarify and resolve an individual or team concern
A nonpunitive, unlocked area, as well as a period of time, which provides a resident with the opportunity to regain control of behavior or attitude.
a break during sexual intercourse to regain your strength and get your breath back
Time Signature Tinnitus
Time Out is a 1959 album by The Dave Brubeck Quartet, based upon the use of time signatures that were unusual for jazz (mainly waltz or double-waltz time, but also 9/8, and most famously 5/4).
cancellation of a Web operation because it took too long.
a pause from doing something (as work); "we took a 10-minute break"; "he took time out to recuperate"
A specified time, after which, something happens.
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Time Out is a publishing company based in London, England. The company's most well known product is the Time Out weekly listings magazine. The original magazine, with listings for London, was published in 1968 by Tony Elliott.
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Temporary isolation in an assigned room ­ Principal's office or ISS room for example. Time Out Isolation may occur during recess, before school, after school (detention), and teacher designated fun activities.
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time off, time to spare
a strategy in which a form of punishment is used by requiring students to receive time out from positive reinforcement (e.g., removal to a non-reinforcing location in the classroom).
In telephone networks, an event which occurs at the end of a predetermined interval of time.
(slang) (of an auction) following a particular timing (meaning 2).
a popular discipline technique for parents
When a user has a limited amount of time to read a web page or complete an action before having to start over. Time outs are often used on sites that need to take credit card details or sensitive personal details.
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Period when players are not in character. If following a period of time in then the call of "Time out!" is made to end the time in period.