Definitions for "Tiles"
Also called "bones", "men" and "bricks". The term "rocks" is used in the Southwestern United States. The term "stones" is used in Italy. The term "boxes" is used in Spanish speaking countries. The term "cars" and "engine" are sometimes used in the Trains family of domino games, following railroad terminology. The term "cards" are sometimes used in domino games derived from playing game games. Likewise, other games may have their own terms for the tiles. Contrary to popular usage, the tiles themselves are not properly called dominoes.
Tiles is a progressive rock band from Detroit, Michigan, USA.
An applied finish to cladding panels. The tiles are a proprietary product extruded with dovetail bonding on the back face onto which the concrete is poured.
Refers to small planar polygons used to cover a surface. An element of tessellation.
A digital video effect where the displayed video appears as though it is were composed of many small square or rectangular tiles, as though there were far fewer pixels in the complete image. Normally implemented by assigning the same level.
data that has been cut into "pages" so they can be viewed one-at-a-time or stitched together.
Textured patterns or rows of repeated patterns in the background of Web pages.
Made of ceramic, available in a variety of colors and textures. Generally easy to cut or break for use in mosaic work.
Used in Exercises 1 and 2 of Language Skill E: Writing. These are blocks, each with a word or punctuation mark written on it. After hearing the prompt, you must choose and arrange the tiles to write what you have just heard.