Definitions for "TIES"
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(Historical) Technologies for Information Environment Security. A JISC project completed in September 2003 to implement a pilot Public Key Infrastructure for Higher and Further Education.
See "Micro Ties."
tapes or ribbons slotted into the binding for tying the volume shut.
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flexible structural members used to resist tension forces
The choice of tie should match as closely as possible the music being sung (See TASTE (BAD)) e g Black Shirt and White Tie for anything of the Italian School. (but not dark glasses please), floral patterns for Elgar and Stanford. and Brewery emblems for such as DREW, and of course shamrocks for Kelly. NOTE The wearing of a tie with "BRAINS" written thereon does NOT indicate a MENSA member.
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The wooden, concrete or steel cross pieces that keep the two rail in gage to provide a guide way.
Wood beams under rail lines.
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Small elastic modules placed around the brackets to hold the arch wire in place.
A wire, rod, or snap that is used to hold wall forms at a specific separation.
a better-informed government, perhaps resulting in a US foreign policy that is wiser or more grounded
Thrift information exchange system. A computer data base used by office of thrift supervision staff to access information on individual savings associations and various segments of the thrift industry.... read full article
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Time Activity Reporting System (Tars)