Definitions for "Tidal flat"
Keywords:  muddy, tide, uncovered, marshy, barren
A large, nearly horizontal area of land covered with water at high tide and exposed to the air at low fide. Tidal flats consist of fine-grained sediment (mostly mud, silt, and sand).
A marshy or muddy land area covered and uncovered by the rise and fall of the tide.
A broad, nearly horizontal plain of mud and silt, exposed or nearly exposed at low tide but totally submerged at high tide.
Keywords:  cmr, landward, seaward, beach, steeply
Any nearly level part of the coastal beach, usually extending from the low water mark landward to the more steeply sloping seaward face of the coastal beach or separated from the beach by land under the ocean, as defined in 310 CMR 9:04.