Definitions for "Tidal"
Of or pertaining to tides; caused by tides; having tides; periodically rising and falling, or following and ebbing; as, tidal waters.
Referring to the very small movement of the surface of the Moon or the Earth due to the gravitational attraction of other planetary bodies. Similar to the oceanic tides, the solid parts of the Earth's crust rise and fall twice daily about three feet. Lunar tides are somewhat larger. The tides of solid bodies are not felt by people but are easily observed with instruments.
of or relating to or caused by tides; "tidal wave"
Tidal king of Goyim is a monarch mentioned in Genesis 14:1. The word goyim in Biblical Hebrew can be translated as "nations" or "peoples" or "ethnic groups" (in modern Hebrew it means "Gentiles") although Bible commentaries suggest that that in this verse it may instead be a reference to the region of Gutium. The name Tidal is considered equivalent to Tudhaliya, the name both of of a Proto-Hittite king and a Hittite king.
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Tidal is the debut album by American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple, released by Epic Records in the United States on July 23 1996 (see 1996 in music). It peaked at number fifteen on the U.S. Billboard 200 and as of October 2005 had sold 2.7 million copies in the U.S. according to Nielsen Sound Scan. "Loyal fans helped free Fiona Apple's CD".
the area where the water level is influenced by tidal fluctuation. A tidal stream reach may or may not be elevated in salinity.
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