Definitions for "TICS"
Spasmodic, involuntary muscular contractions involving the head, face, mouth, eyes, neck, and shoulders.
Involuntary, compulsive, stereotypic muscle movements or vocalizations that abruptly interrupt normal motor activities. These repetitive, purposeless motions (motor tics) or utterances (vocal tics) may be simple or complex in nature; may be temporarily suppressed; and are often preceded by a foreboding sensation or urge that is temporarily relieved following their execution. Simple tics include abrupt, isolated movements, such as repeated facial twitching, blinking, or shoulder shrugging, and simple sounds, including grunting, throat clearing, or sighing. Complex tics may involve more sustained, complex movements, such as deep knee bending or leg kicking, or complex vocalizations, including repeating another person's words or phrases (echolalia) or, rarely, explosive cursing (coprolalia). Tourette syndrome is defined as the presence of multiple motor and vocal tics for at least one year, changes in the nature of the tics (e.g., complexity, severity, anatomical location) during the course of the disorder, and symptom onset before age 21.
spasmodic muscular contractions, involuntary and often repeated ( Tranquil Mind)
Geographic control points representing known or identifiable locations on the earth's surface (e.g., longitude, latitude). Also called ground control points.
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Time units.