Definitions for "Thunder"
Thunder is an application framework for Flash MX that offers a flexible model for large-scale application development. Classes are included for all key development aspects: asset management, layout management, data management and event management.
The sound which follows a flash of lightning; the report of a discharge of atmospheric electricity.
The discharge of electricity; a thunderbolt.
Thunder are an English hard rock band, who originally formed in 1989 when Terraplane broke up, leaving lead singer Danny Bowes and guitarist/main songwriter Luke Morley to form a new band, namely Thunder. Retaining drummer Gary James (popularly known as 'Harry' James) from Terraplane, they completed the line-up with bassist Mark 'Snake' Luckhurst and guitarist/keyboard player Ben Matthews. They were signed with EMI after performing a demo audition in 1989, and soon began recording their first album Backstreet Symphony.
"Thunder" is a song by Prince and the New Power Generation, from the 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls. It was issued as a 12-inch single picture disc in the UK only. The lyrics refer to the night Prince decided to withdraw The Black Album, rumored to have suffered a bad ecstasy trip.
Thunder is the first solo album by British guitarist Andy Taylor, released in 1987.
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Thunder is a melodrama film released by MGM in 1929, starring Lon Chaney.
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move fast, noisily, and heavily; "The bus thundered down the road"
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street names for heroin
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be the case that thunder is being heard; "Whenever it thunders, my dog crawls under the bed"
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God's voice