Definitions for "ThumbNails "
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ThumbNails is an automated system for creating and maintaining web sites containing large numbers of digital photographs or other images. It will go through a group of directories filled with pictures, make thumbnail images of each picture, make HTML pages for each directory showing clickable thumbnails for each picture, and make an overall index.html document for the HTML pages it creates.
A small, sketched visualization of an illustration or design. Usually done early in the process.
A small version of a larger or more detailed image which, when clicked on, displays the full sized image. The larger image is reduced in Photoshop and saved with a different file name. The thumbnail is inserted into the Web page and linked to the larger image on another page. Creating a thumbnail saves the user time downloading a large image every time they go to your page. If you are concerned that an image may take up too much real estate on your Web page, it is a good idea to use a thumbnail image. The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum Web site has thumbnails throughout the site, most of which link to a larger image. You will notice that the museum also includes navigation links to their main categories as well as contact information on the page with the larger image.
Thumbnails are plastic V-Nail like inserts that are used to form strong wooden frame corners. All of our custom wood frames can be shipped ready to assemble if you select the "Ready to Assemble" option. When this option is selected your mitered frame rails are routered at the ends to recieve the plastic thumbnails. The thumbnails are simply lightly hammered into the routered grooves to pull the wooden frame corners against each other and form a very tight fit. We recommend using a bit of wood glue for a long lasting fit.
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A smaller versions of a larger graphic.