Definitions for "thumbnail "
thumbnail creates thumbnail images with 10,000 pixels , regardless of dimensions, so that all thumbnails have the same amount of detail.
A Thumbnail image is a miniature version of a larger picture. They generally appear at about 11/2 - 2 inches in length on the screen. In the adult web thumbnail is generally part of a thumbnail gallery. This is a page with around 10 - 20 small images on it which, when clicked, take the user to the larger version of the picture. A screen of 'thumbs' is not much different from 'contact sheets' that photographers use when they want you to choose an image to be enlarged. A thumbnail image allows the surfer to preview an image that might interest them without downloading the full, larger version. Thumbs became popular on the Internet because most users are still on very slow connections Downloading the each large image would be very time consuming - plus the content of that image may not be of interest. Thumbnail images are mainly used on link list sites, TGP galleries, and in the member's areas of paysites.
A small representation of a larger graphic. Detail is lost in the representation, but you get an idea of the content of the graphic. Thumbnails are often...
a tiny lighthouse sculpture, about the size of a lady's thumbnail., Typically about 1" high. Four lighthouses were made in the thumbnail size in 1997. These were first distributed to attendees at the 1997 Collectors Reunion. Others were handed out by Bill Younger at Store Events. The last of the 2,000 each thumbnails were distributed at the 1998 Rosemont Collectibles Show. In 1998, four additional thumbnails were produced and distributed to attendees of the 1998 Collectors Reunion.
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THX Tick
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the nail of the thumb
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a trace of a lane, but the trace is not the full trace
a one inch photograph, which is placed adjacent to your property name on its State or Province page
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is a series of simple and rapidly drawn designs for a layout.
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a very simple drawing of your design idea
What are thumbnails