Definitions for "throttle "
reduce the air supply; "choke a carburetor"
The gas pedal
The pedal which is typically located on the right side of the kart. Press it down and hopefully the kart will accelerate. It is connected to the carburetor via the throttle cable.
To compress the throat of; to choke; to strangle.
To utter with breaks and interruption, in the manner of a person half suffocated.
To have the throat obstructed so as to be in danger of suffocation; to choke; to suffocate.
The throttle valve.
To shut off, or reduce flow of, as steam to an engine.
The speed control on a locomotive. In model railroading, a rheostat generally functions as the throttle by controlling the voltage which reaches the track.
place limits on (extent or access); "restrict the use of this parking lot"; "limit the time you can spend with your friends"
Throttle is one of the three principal (and eponymous) characters - the others being Vinnie and Modo - of the American cartoon series Biker Mice From Mars. He is a humanoid mouse, and a member of the Freedom Fighters organisation committed to liberating Mars from domination by the fish-like Plutarkians, and later the humanoid cat Catatonians. Throughout the three Biker Mice spend most of their time on Earth, initially after being shot down by a Plutarkian warship, and later returning to the planet on a special mission to recover equipment vital to the survival of the Martian population.
Throttle was an independent alternative music and culture magazine based in Richmond, Virginia. Throttle was founded in 1981 by Peter Blake, Dale Brumfield and Bill Panelas, all former editors of the Virginia Commonwealth University student newspaper, The Commonwealth Times. From its inaugural issue in January, 1981 (with original cover art by Frank Zappa), Throttle grew to become the voice of the burgeoning punk and art community in and around Richmond throughout the eighties and nineties.
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The windpipe, or trachea; the weasand.
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See cab.
throttle copies the standard input to the standard output while limiting bandwidth to the specified maximum.
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A restriction to the normal flow of fluid.