Definitions for "threads "
Messages on a board are divided into threads. An original post is a new thread and any replys extend the thread.
Used to organise Newsgroup topics, a thread is like an online conversation made up of linked postings sent to amessage poster or a conference.
In a discussion group or mailing list, a message thread is a series of e-mail responses to a particular subject strung together as in "following the thread".
Threads is a library designed to make threading under C++ simpler. It provides a "pthread" class, with an abstract method called "thread". It also provides classes for mutual exclusion of parallel processes and condition signalling, and a semaphore class that comes in handy when synchronizing constructor and threaded method.
Class 1 threads are a loose tolerance. Class 2 threads comprise 90% of stainless fittings and are normal commercial tolerance. Class 3 threads have a stricter tolerance and tighter fit such as socket cap and set screws. No definite relationship exists between tensile strength and tightness or looseness of fit. The symbol "A" added to threads, such as 2A, means external threads (screws), and "B" means internal (nuts).
They come in two main standards: English and Metric. In the Design Studio we use English sizes. The thread sizes that we use in the Design Studio are: #4-40, #6-32, #8-32, and #10-32. For example: The #6 in #6-32 refers to the diameter of the screw (witch is a reference to the wire size that the screw was made from) (smaller number - smaller diameter) and 32 witch refers to the number of threads per inch.
Independent tasks executing the same code in the same address space. Each thread has its own stack, so local variables are thread private. Global variables are shared.
An independent flow of control within a process, consisting of a context (including register set and a program counter) and a sequence of instructions to execute.
Independent tasks executing concurrently.
On continuous thread styles, the “spiral” of plastic onto which a C/T closure is twisted. Different C/T closure styles feature different numbers of threads.
Spiral grooves cut into a fastener or component to facilitate connection with other grooved items. Nuts and bolts are examples of threaded fasteners.
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Threads, an album by The Battlefield Band, was released in 1995 on the Temple Records label.
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suit, dress, or costume (see drape and dry-goods).
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(a length of) a very thin fibre.
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Clothes; clothing; as, he was wearing his new threads at the party.
informal terms for clothing
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Yarns that make up the strands of rope. Also used for small-size designation as 9-thread, 12-thread, etc.
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See also: B. A. Threads.