Definitions for "Thomas"
( Bark Hastings, Thomas Drake, Thomas of Plymouth), a vessel of 100-200 tuns owned by Sir Francis Drake; Thomas Drake, captain.
Latin and Greek for Hebrew T'oma (Aramaic Tooma). One of the emissaries of Messiah.
a radio broadcast journalist during World War I and World War II noted for his nightly new broadcast (1892-1981)
the Apostle who would not believe the resurrection of Jesus until he saw Jesus with his own eyes
a young wizard who lives with his uncle Artemis in his magical pet shop
Thomas is the third book in the Deptford Histories Trilogy by Robin Jarvis (first published in 1995).
Name of the online legislative database maintained by the Library of Congress. Contains the full text of bills, the Congressional Record, committee reports for the current and past few congresses. Also includes selected historical documents.
Thomas Dowling, Assistant Director of Library Systems, Client/Server Applications.
THOMAS is the name of the database of United States Congress legislative information, started in 1995.
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Welsh poet (1914-1953)
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Named after Kurt Thomas. PH - All flairs
United States clockmaker who introduced mass production (1785-1859)
United States socialist who was a candidate for president six times (1884-1968)
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a junior at Klein Forest High School
an author, mentor, and business consultant who works exclusively with entrepreneurs and owners of small and mid-size businesses
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Personal experience.