Definitions for "This Movie"
Keywords:  fantastic, story, love, genteel, spacey
a both a taste of the sleepy beauty of Savannah as it is a story of Kevin Spacey's genteel character and the townspeople that both adore and wash their hands of him and his affairs
a fantastic blend of history and drama, beautifully written and acted, with a poignant message that simultaneously comments on the love-death dichotomy in our human lives, while providing an apt picture of the bitter ironies of life in Stalin's Russia
a good example of how a story can be carried by the force of the actors' skill and director's art rather than relying the science of special effects
Keywords:  remake, sundance, awesome, butch, loose
a loose remake of Butch and Sundance
an awesome remake of the original by the same title
a bad name for disney movies
a classic tool used by the USAF Squadron Officer School
a film about a group of women who have been made famous and made into icons by killing their husbands/boyfriends
a cold war tale of an American destroyer hunting a Soviet submarine
Keywords:  blobk, buster, sensational, hit
a blobk buster sensational hit
Keywords:  masala, hindi, standard
a standard hindi masala
a decently entertaining depiction of the fall of Enron, which was one of our nation's leading companies
Keywords:  journey, incredible
an incredible journey
Keywords:  delight, ages
a delight for those of all ages
Keywords:  wachowski, guys, matrix, written, watch
a must watch if you liked the Matrix because it was written by the Wachowski's (the guys who produced and directed the Matrix)
Keywords:  fun, feast, treat, mind, beginning
a treat for the eyes and a feast of fun for the mind
a treat from the beginning to the very end
Keywords:  blast, worth, take, you, it
a blast if you take it for what it's worth
Keywords:  charter, member
a charter member of the O