Definitions for "Third"
Keywords:  broom, skip, vice, baseball, shoots
the player who delivers the third two rocks of each end, alternating with the opponent's third. The player who holds the broom for the skip, and who assists the skip with game strategy. Also known as a vice skip.
The third player on a team to deliver stones during each and every end. The third follows the second.
The player who delivers the team's fifth an sixth rocks and assists the skip in strategy and ice reading.
Next after the second; coming after two others; -- the ordinal of three; as, the third hour in the day.
The third tone of the scale; the mediant.
The third note in the scale, (e.g.. E in the scale of C ).
an Assistant/Associate Dean reporting to the individual with responsibilities of our Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Professional Affairs
a series of six e-mails sent out over the course of a year from the Council Chair to all faculty who are, or who have recently been, active in the statewide Senate
Third is a 1970 double LP by Soft Machine, with each side of the original vinyl consisting of a single long composition. Its music explores the emerging fusion jazz of the type present on Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, which was released in the same year. Third is considered by many to be the seminal recording to emerge from the Canterbury Scene, featuring incredible interplay between the band's members, led by keyboardist Mike Ratledge, Elton Dean on woodwinds, Robert Wyatt on drums and Hugh Hopper on bass.
a JOAT/fighter who is a basic blue-collar worker
a new style of management, most evidently around the Japanese practices that reduce uncertainty by opening up communication between workers and management, and between suppliers and customers
an oppositional resistance fighter," Heinzel says
a middle-aged advertising writer who's published one romance already
a poster reproducing the Folio portrait of Shakespeare, advertising "Mr
a purple poster of " The Promise Ring " over his bed
Keywords:  hidden, smalley, clomid, ofg, paxil
a cage into which birds are meridian machinery lured by means of a bait, side effects ofg clomid the cage being hidden in the grass, and paxil prices the entrance being so contrived that the birds can hop in but not death penalties out again
a series by Gary Smalley called "Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships"
coming next after the second and just before the fourth in position
an outstanding expert on flaps and seals, and the fourth is a highly skilled microfilm expert
a physician, skilled at healing, and a fourth a mechanic, skilled at machines
Keywords:  poleo, ouster, chavez, hugo, dissident
a dissident military man who was fired for supporting the ouster of Hugo Chavez - you can just see why Chavez would want to get him - as well as Poleo
a Nordic in the strictest morphological sense, usually with brown hair and mixed eyes, and a Ruffian Nordic could be mistaken for an Irishman or an Englishman, less easily for a Scandinavian
Constituting or being one of three equal parts into which anything is divided; as, the third part of a day.
The quotient of a unit divided by three; one of three equal parts into which anything is divided.
within or heading a three-card holding. [Usage: jack-third = three cards headed by the jack = jack-tripleton = Jxx.
a co-authored textbook on literacy
a combination of fighting media consolidation and encouraging media literacy
Keywords:  univ, freshman
a freshman at the Univ
a traditional-authoritarian cluster of Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Jordan, Nepal, and Saudi Arabia
Reich The self-declared third empire of Germany established by Hitler. The previous two were the Holy Roman Empire and Germany under Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Another name given to Germany after 1933, was Fuhrerstaat (leader state).
a reasonable number to expect, especially since one of the buyers in this sale is a well-known real estate trust company, " said Faith Consolo, chairman of the retail leasing and sales division of Prudential Douglas and Elliman
International Theory Major tenet of Qadhafi's revolutionary ideology, which purports to offer nonaligned states what is regarded as the Third World political, economic, and social alternatives to Western capitalism and East European communism. Frequently seen as the Third Universal Theory, or simply the Third Theory.
a homegrown crook, using a mailbox service in Elland, West Yorksire
The sixtieth part of a second of time.
following the second position in an ordering or series; "a distant third"; "he answered the first question willingly, the second reluctantly, and the third with resentment"
a medium between First and Second, the beginning and the end
Keywords:  catgirl, meow, discreet, nurse, alerts
a catgirl in a nurse's uniform who likes to give shots, meow
a discreet paging system that alerts a nurse to a patient's life-support problem
a hapless Bible salesman, pitching the latest edition of the Catholic missal
Keywords:  afraid, vanish, biologist, reefs, coral
a marine biologist afraid that his career will end because coral reefs will also vanish sometime in the future
a six-acre science park which is expected to receive its first tenants before the end of the year
a lower-profile criminal defense lawyer with offices on the Eastside
a semi-underground network of lawyers who can only be contacted through the GI Alliance, a Washing, D
Keywords:  secular, scarf, forbidden, wig, muslim
an observant Muslim who covers her head with a wig in place of the scarf she is forbidden to wear as a student at a secular university
an electrician with impeccable references who has been trusted to work alone in posh houses
a survey asking how residents value the river, which may help policy makers to predict community support for restoration projects
a technical paper on techniques for digitally restoring damaged parchment and vellum maps that cannot be restored using customary conservation techniques
Keywords:  mgg, nhl, jersey, game, worn
a long time game reviewer
The special or alternate-style jersey used by 17 of the 22 NHL teams in the NHL-MGG Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program.
a collaborative project investigating the linkage between regime stability and elite turnover in the Soviet/Russian and Chinese cases
Keywords:  putty, knife
a putty knife
a comprehensive directory of health and medical services and resources for greater Philadelphia, the most notable regional feature of Philly Health Info
a French striking watch two hundred years old, with elaborate ornamentation, and allegorical male and female figures on the dial
an analysis of strike action in relation to rational choices made by differing sorts of actors
in the third place; "third we must consider unemployment"
a period of lower unemployment rates and thus a greater demand for qualified personnel
Keywords:  thirst, simple
a simple thirst for knowledge
a utility pipeline crossing, where steep sandy banks are eroding
Keywords:  condo, loft, warehouse, quarter, urban
an "urban loft" condo development with a pool on the roof at the edge of the Warehouse District near the French Quarter
Keywords:  surprisingly, fraction, large
a surprisingly large fraction to me
a profound desire for a swift transition to local rule
a consultative council composed of representatives from the new assemblies in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales along with members of the parliaments of Ireland and the United Kingdom
an increasing recognition by both pharmaceutical companies and physicians that, in certain respects, the relationships between drug companies and doctors have become embarrassing to both parties and need to change
The third ( DEXTER BASE )
a group of algorithms based on elliptic curves
Keywords:  ligature, ruled, you
a ligature, but you ruled that out
Keywords:  misuse, worry, people, money
a worry about misuse of other people's money
WORLD NATIONS: the underdeveloped nations of the world
Keywords:  activist, human, rights
a human rights activist
a granule coated with plastic which, when moist, permits fertilizer to diffuse slowly until surrounding soil has absorbed an adequate amount
Keywords:  veil, spikes, horns, petite, woman
a petite woman with horns, spikes, and a veil
Keywords:  giant, soda, capsule, silver, resembles
a silver capsule that resembles a giant soda can
Keywords:  shouldn't, gear, start, lowest, motor
the third from the lowest forward ratio gear in the gear box of a motor vehicle; "you shouldn't try to start in third gear"
a public domain technology called "Lending Library Format" that is starting to be used for a few collections
Keywords:  teens, decline, sales
a decline in sales among teens
an article in an upcoming issue of the newsletter of the Friends Association for Higher Education
Keywords:  witch, hot
a (hot) witch
The third part of the estate of a deceased husband, which, by some local laws, the widow is entitled to enjoy during her life.
an emphasis on literary style, or what we call literary style, because all philosophy is written in some style
Keywords:  blower, drive, direct, powerful
a powerful, direct-drive blower
an architect/designer and I had casually chatted with her about the layout/design in the early phases, so she was interested in looking at that
Keywords:  fifth, half
a half of a fifth
a willingness to cooperate, leading to better international relations and most especially to international development
Keywords:  divine, something, feeling
a feeling of something divine
Keywords:  screws, stem, valve, radio, frequency
a radio frequency device that screws on the valve stem
Keywords:  opportunity, branding
a co-branding opportunity
Keywords:  gun, able, outside, gay, man
a gay man who was able to use a gun, outside D
a Financial and Special Events Coordinator at Time Inc
Keywords:  readied, program
a co-op program being readied in the D
Keywords:  combination, two, first
a combination of the first two
a combination of the other two
Keywords:  lack, businesses, small
a lack of small businesses
Keywords:  possibility
a possibility
Keywords:  handling, mail, exchange, server, your
an Exchange server handling all your e-mail
Keywords:  level, operating, high, control, costs
a high level of control over operating costs (e