Definitions for "Therapeutic Foster Home"
A special type of foster home for children with a higher degree of emotional, behavioral, physical or medical needs who may also require a higher level of supervision and treatment. Therapeutic foster parents often receive more extensive training and higher compensation than traditional foster parents do.
Foster parents who receive special training to parent a wide variety of children, including those who are developmentally delayed, moderately or severely disturbed, delinquent, or medically fragile. Therapeutic foster parents work closely with each child's physician, psychiatric caregivers as well as the state child welfare agency. They are required to receive ongoing training and to actively participate in the child's medical and/or psychological treatment.
A foster home in which the foster parents have received special training to care for a wide variety of children and adolescents, usually those with significant emotional or behavioral problems. Parents in therapeutic foster homes are more closely supervised and assisted more than parents in regular foster homes.