Definitions for "Then"
Then is an album by Japanese singer/pianist Misako Odani, released March 21, 2002 on the Universal label. It was co-produced by Misako and Hirokazu Sakurai.
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an isomorphism of posets
Soon afterward, or immediately; next; afterward.
subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors); "then he left"; "go left first, then right"; "first came lightning, then thunder"; "we watched the late movie and then went to bed"; "and so home and to bed"
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Painter from Samos of around 300 BCE.
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In that case; in consequence; as a consequence; therefore; for this reason.
in that case or as a consequence; "if he didn't take it, then who did?"; "keep it then if you want to"; "the case, then, is closed"; "you've made up your mind then?"; "then you'll be rich"
At that time (referring to a time specified, either past or future).
At another time; later; again.
that time; that moment; "we will arrive before then"; "we were friends from then on"
a client-centred, community policing problem solving model which by design will lead to continuous learning and improvement
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a function of how well you manage your profit margin (P/S) and your asset turnover (S/A)
the section called “Commands following the then statement