Definitions for "Theme"
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A subject or topic on which a person writes or speaks; a proposition for discussion or argument; a text.
Discourse on a certain subject.
A composition or essay required of a pupil.
A user-editable combination of a given appearance with a system font, desktop picture or pattern, and highlight color See also: appearance
A theme is a group of images, sounds, templates, screens, resources, and layouts that provide a new look for Meedio. [see also Resource file, Screen file, Template] Underscan - Condition when the picture size is adjusted so that strips of unused screen area are along all borders. Computer users sometimes leave their monitors adjusted this way to guarantee that material such as the "start button" in the lower corner of the Windows screen does not disappear beyond the edge. Also on some TV sets the edges of the picture suffer distortion when extended all the way to the picture tube edge. [see also Overscan
A coordinated set of human interface designs that determine the appearance of human interface objects on a systemwide basis. See also platinum appearance.
A collection of geographic objects or features used to represent common layers.
The name given to the entire group of arcs, attribute data and images put together in Arcview. For example, a theme may be one bus route and all data associated with it. Themes can be combined to form entire networks.
(linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed; "thematic vowels are part of the stem"
A theme is a particular arrangement and configuration of LiteStep and its modules. Themes consist of all the graphics, modules, and configuration files necessary to make LiteStep look and behave a certain way. LiteStep themes can be compared to the concept of Microsoft Plus! Themes, although LiteStep themes are much more advanced in terms of appearance and flexibility.
a concept, like trust or success or duty
a distillation of everything that happens in a story's human drama
Originally a Greek term for an army corps, it came in the seventh century also to refer to a Byzantine military province defended by that corps. Soon thereafter the whole Byzantine Empire was divided into these military provinces, each under the direction of a strategos. (Fine, John V.A. Jr. The Late Medieval Balkans, 626)
The themes or themata (Greek ; singular thema) of the Byzantine Empire were administrative units established by a reform promulgated by Emperor Heraclius in the 7th century.
a trend or pattern in history or prehistory relating to a particular aspect of cultural development, such as mining, ranching, or gaming.
a group of up to four related Portlets
a trend or pattern in history or prehistory relating to a particular aspect of cultural development, such as dairy farming or silver mining.
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a package that may include a screen saver, a wallpaper image, a ring tone, and a colour scheme to customize your phone for different events and environments
a package that may include a screen saver, wallpaper, a ringing tone and a color scheme so that you can customize your phone for different environments
a broad area of research which collects together a series of such programs in order to have a broad impact on a field of education
a collection of buttons, decorations, colors,
a collection of colors, fonts and supporting data that may be used by plugins to help provide uniform look and feel to their components
a preconfigured WinDbg workspace that contains a useful configuration of debugging information windows
Essentially a list of levels. Themes allow trace messages to be tagged with meaningful names. For example, when the debugging theme is used, the level names are "warning", "debug", and the like. If customer usage were being tracked, a usage theme might have levels like "task", "feature", and "gesture".
An undercurrent runnign through a plot or series of plots. This could be a moral theme - do not cause cruelty less it be returned to you. Or some basic characteristic of the game, humour, morality, romance.
a cluster of courses that constitutes the focus for your interdisciplinary curriculum
a succinct statement that provides a medium to long-term focus for Centrelink's strategic implementation efforts
A category to which individual programs on the DIRECTV schedule are assigned. By selecting a theme, customers can reduce the amount of information displayed on the Guide Grid, limiting it to programs that meet a specific criteria. Within a theme, a sub-theme may be available to further focus on exactly the type of programming desired by the customer.
a beautiful and short acoustic guitar interlude
a light piece it would sound good with an instrument like a guitar
A noun or verb, not modified by inflections; also, that part of a noun or verb which remains unchanged (except by euphonic variations) in declension or conjugation; stem.
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"Oh, the singing was terrible!"
a consistent, system-wide way to draw user interface elements
Is a cluster of competencies or recurring aspects or elements found in the practice. Themes identified at the Massachusetts General Hospital are clinician-patient relationship, clinical knowledge and decision making and teamwork and collaboration. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy identified a fourth theme, movement.
a collection and layout of modules and blocks
a number of files that provide layout, and appearance
What your layout or scrapbook is focused on. It can be determined by your photos, what embellishments are used, or even the color scheme. Go to Top of Page
A looser equivalent of the Biotope Aquarium, it gathers fishes and/or plants coming from different biotopes but from the same general region, e.g., "Amazon Theme" or "South-Asian Theme".
an expression or saying that helps focus our collective thoughts for that particular year
a recurring pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviors
a reoccurring pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviors constant over time
a package that users can install in an application to change the appearance of the application, without changing how the application works
a textfile which defines the whole appearence of SkyGI controls
specific and distinctive appearance.
These are the six priority areas of economic and technical cooperation identified by APEC Leaders. The Themes are: Developing human capital; fostering safe and efficient capital markets; strengthening economic infrastructure; harnessing technologies of the future; promoting environmentally sustainable growth; and encouraging the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Information in the Clearing House has been classified by theme.
a principle of selection, a recognition vector independent of data instance, medium, classification, or hierarchy
a major principle or ethical precept the play deals with.
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Line of research within the RDFP. The 6th RDFP has 7 themes.
A role (who- or whatever undergoes the action) in argument structure (John cooked DINNER). UG See grammar, universal.
Engine A proprietary technology developed by eShopworks that intelligently associates metadata (data about data) to all content that exists on a website.
an area of discussion that we at Alumni
a subject area, for example Health Risks , on which a group decides to open the discussion
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a collection of design features that are offered by FrontPage to give you a quick start with web site design
a quick way for you to define the feel of your Web site
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a message, slogan, and/or image that you will present to the ad viewer
a question proposed for study by scholars at different centers and on which the various individuals are invited to work freely and independently
The playwright's statement through the text of the play. What the author wants you to know.
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a fun part of any shower
a characteristic of the book that runs throughout the entire yearbook
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an XML document with a schema that can be mapped to a DataSet object
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Key notion.
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It is difficult for me to explain the theme of the novel simply.
provide with a particular theme or motive; "the restaurant often themes its menus"
a visual design or style for the application
An installable modification to the visual interface of the software. It may have different meanings from messenger to messenger.
a piece of writing, either true or made up by the author, and consisting of Introduction, Body and Conclusion
See layer.
a single layer of spatial information e
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a memory aid, it helps you through the presentation just as it also provides the thread of continuity for your audience
a characteristic personality pattern which reflects the combined effect of two or more factors or facets
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an add-on for Netscape
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a pre-formatted page where you just have to fill in the blanks
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a core of the film
a combination of products creating the atmosphere of one or various rooms in the house with a selection of colours and a particular style
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a definition for
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That by means of which a thing is done; means; instrument.
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a medium to large group of "decorations
A theme is a group of layers. A theme may be weighted before being combined with other themes to create a final result.
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a specific data layer that is stored as a shape (
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an organizing device for planning