Definitions for "Theca"
cellulose plates that are "armorlike" in appearance found in Pyrrhophyta (dinoflagellates)
Dinoflagellate membrane system encompassing the whole cell consisting of a complex of three to six membranes.
General term for any stiff outer covering of a unicellular protist, and usually made up of interlocking plates. dinoflagellates and diatoms are examples of protists with thecae.
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The more or less cuplike calicle of a coral.
The wall forming a calicle of a coral.
A sheath; a case; as, the theca, or cell, of an anther; the theca, or spore case, of a fungus; the theca of the spinal cord.
a sheath or covering
L. = a sheath, an envelope, from G. theke; e.g., theca folliculi interna & externa of Graafian follicle.
Theca is dynamic classpath container plug-in for Eclipse Java projects. It manages project classpath by adding all *.jar and *.zip files from a specified project folder and what's more importatnt automatically attaches source code and JavaDoc.
The chitinous cup which protects the hydranths of certain hydroids.