Definitions for "Theatre"
An edifice in which dramatic performances or spectacles are exhibited for the amusement of spectators; anciently uncovered, except the stage, but in modern times roofed.
Any room adapted to the exhibition of any performances before an assembly, as public lectures, scholastic exercises, anatomical demonstrations, surgical operations, etc.
The building, room or structure used for dramatic performances; dramatic literature or its performance; the formal presentation of any dramatic activity for an audience.
That which resembles a theater in form, use, or the like; a place rising by steps or gradations, like the seats of a theater.
A place or region where great events are enacted; as, the theater of war.
n. 1. An establishment where one may see plays, ballet etc. This is most certainly not a place to see movies.
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the art of writing and producing plays
a mobile troop of professional actors presenting modern short plays detailing intricate aspects of the human condition in various venues from private homes to photo studios, and hair salons
an arts organization that develops and presents creative opportunities to explore and tell the story of the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (MAAFA)
A designated geographic area for which an operational level joint or combined commander is appointed and in which a campaign or series of major operations is conducted. A theatre may contain one or more joint force areas of operations.
the area in which military operations/activities take place.
The geographical area outside the continental United States for which a commander of a combatant command has been assigned responsibility.
a microscope, devoid of quick cuts and instant gratification, to examine our world and assess ourselves
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a project of the Shunpike
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Theatre is the most easy-to-use video files reader and DVD reader. It is based on the great open source softwarer: VLC.
a great idea
Typography Video
A sphere or scheme of operation.
a public sphere, not your private space
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an organization to which new talent may apprentice itself and grow to maturity
a collection of ten scenes from plays that over the centuries have been banned for political, social, religious, sexual and multiple other reasons