Definitions for "The Snow Queen"
Keywords:  andersen, hans, gerda, tale, queen
The Snow Queen (Danish: Sneedronningen) is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen and first published in 1845. The story centers on the struggle between good and evil as taken on by a little boy and girl, Gerda and Kay.
The Snow Queen is a science fiction/fantasy novel by Joan D. Vinge, published in 1980. It won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1981, and was also nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1980.
The Snow Queen (雪の女王) is an anime series based on the children story by Hans Christian Andersen of the same name. The first episode was broadcasted on the May 22 2005 and is still currently on air every Sunday at 7:30pm on the NHK.