Definitions for "The Saint"
The Saint opened in the old premises of the Fillmore East, a former theater turned classic rock and roll venue of the late 1960s and early 1970s, on Second Avenue in New York City's East Village. The Saint opened the weekend after Labor Day, 1980, initially as a private membership gay nightclub (returning the idea of a club to "club"), and set the standard for disco presentation, lighting, sound system, amazing hydraulics, and technical support, until it closed in 1988. The club re-opened briefly in the same location for awhile, minus the planetarium dome and most of the more elaborate architectural touches, which had been dismantled after the "official" closing in 1988.
The Saint is an independent local radio station for Southampton and Southern Hampshire. Launched on 5 September 1999 as SouthCity FM, the station license was acquired by Southampton Football Club in 2001, and has continued to operate as The Saint ever since.
The Saint was a long-running British action adventure television series, made by ITC Entertainment, that aired on ITV stations between 1962 and 1969, and on American television as a syndicated show (1962-1967) and on NBC (1967-69). Running six seasons, the series rivals The Avengers as one of the longest-running series of its genre produced in Britain, spanning 118 episodes. The series has recently been rebroadcast on ITV4, and can be seen occasionally on BBC America.