Definitions for "The Raven"
Keywords:  raven, allan, poe, edgar, karloff
"The Raven" is a narrative poem by American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. It was published for the first time on January 29, 1845, in the New York Evening Mirror. Noted for its musicality, stylized language and supernatural atmosphere, it tells of the mysterious visit of a talking raven to a distraught lover, tracing the lover's slow descent into madness.
The Raven was a quarterly anarchist review published by Freedom Press. Each edition usually focused on a specific issue such as food, health, economics, genetic engineering, psychology, land and so on, from an anarchist viewpoint.
The Raven is a 1963 American motion picture produced and directed by Roger Corman. It was written by Richard Matheson based on the poem, "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. It starred Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Boris Karloff as a trio of rival sorcerers.