Definitions for "The Producers"
Keywords:  broadway, brooks, mel, guitar, vocals
The Producers is a 1968 feature-length comedy film written and directed by Mel Brooks. In the film, two New York City con men (Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom) attempt to cheat theater 'angels' (investors) out of their investment money by deliberately producing a "flop," or intensely unsuccessful show.
The Producers were a new wave and power pop band from Atlanta, Georgia in the 1980s. Original members included Van Temple on guitar and vocals, former Whiteface member Kyle Henderson on bass and vocals, former Billy Joe Royal sideman Wayne Famous on keyboards, and Brian Holmes on Drums. Originally formed as a Beatles cover band named Cartoon, they changed musical directions and began performing their own material in nightclubs around the Atlanta area.
The Producers is a 2005 film based on the 2001 Broadway musical of the same name, which is in turn based on the 1968 movie starring Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder and Andréas Voutsinas. The movie is directed by Susan Stroman (the director and choreographer of the original Broadway production).