Definitions for "The Getaway"
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The Getaway is a 1972 crime film, starring Steve Mc Queen and Ali Mac Graw. The film is based on the novel written by Jim Thompson. The screenplay was written by Walter Hill, and the film was directed by Sam Peckinpah.
The Getaway is a driving/shooting video game series, developed in the United Kingdom by London-based Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) subsidiary, Team SOHO, and released in December of 2002. Both the original game and its sequel are set in London and take their cues from British gangster movies such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
The Getaway is a 1994 remake of the 1972 film starring Steve McQueen. The movie stars Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Michael Madsen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jennifer Tilly and James Woods. The movie was directed by Roger Donaldson, who also directed The Recruit, Thirteen Days, Dante's Peak & Species.