Definitions for "The Devil Wears Prada"
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The Devil Wears Prada is a 2003 novel by Lauren Weisberger about a young woman who, fresh from college, gets a job working as a personal assistant to a powerful fashion magazine editor that turns increasingly hellish as she struggles to keep up with her boss's capricious and demeaning requests. It was hugely successful, spending six months on the New York Times bestseller list and serving as the basis for the successful 2006 film of the same name, starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway.
The Devil Wears Prada is an Academy Award-nominated 2006 comedy-drama film, a loose screen adaptation of Lauren Weisberger's 2003 novel of the same name. It stars Anne Hathaway as Andrea "Andy" Sachs, a recent college graduate who comes to New York City and gets a job as a co-assistant to powerful and demanding fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep. Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci co-star, with Adrian Grenier, Simon Baker and Tracie Thoms playing key supporting roles.
The Devil Wears Prada is a proposed American situation comedy series that is expected to debut in 2007 as a possible candidate for the 2007-2008 fall television season. The series will be produced by Fox Television Studios and, if green-lighted, will air on FOX.