Definitions for "The Cure"
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The Cure are a successful English rock band, widely seen as one of the leading pioneers of the British alternative rock scene of the 1980s. A combination of lead singer Robert Smith's iconic wild hair, pale complexion, smudged lipstick, and the frequently gloomy and introspective lyrics have led to the band being primarily classified as gothic rock.
The Cure is the eponymously-titled twelfth studio album from The Cure. This album was released on June 28, 2004 internationally and a day later in the United States. Initial pressings included a bonus DVD "Making 'The Cure'", which featured video footage of The Cure recording the backing tracks and "scratch" (guide) vocals to three of the songs included on the album.
The Cure is a 1995 film starring Brad Renfro and Joseph Mazzello about two boys searching for the cure of AIDS, from which one of them is suffering. It was produced by Eric Eisner and Mark Burg, who has since gained fame as the producer behind the "Saw" films.