Definitions for "Thank You"
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"Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)", released in December 1969, is a 1970 hit single recorded by Sly & the Family Stone. The song, double a-sided with "Everybody is a Star", reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in February of 1970 and is considered by some music scholars as the first single to feature the matured form of funk music, after a half-decade of proto-funk records from the Family Stone, James Brown, Jr. Walker & the All-Stars, and others.
"Thank You" is a song written by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page which was released by English rock band Led Zeppelin on their 1969 album Led Zeppelin II. It is a slow ballad and signaled a deeper involvement in song writing by Plant, being the first Led Zeppelin song that he wrote all the lyrics for, though, the first lines resemble heavily the song "If 6 was 9" of Jimi Hendrix "if the sun refuse to shine, I don't mind/if the mountains fell in the sea, let it be, it ain't me". He dedicated it to his wife, Maureen.
"Thank You" was the second single by Dido, which was released in June 2001. It is the singer's biggest hit off her debut album, No Angel. Samples from the track were featured on the song "Stan" by Eminem; a rare example of a song becoming a hit after a track which sampled it did.
a common courtesy and can give you the opportunity to show the recruiter that you appreciated their time
Thank You is an unreleased gospel CD from the head of Bad Boy Entertainment, P. Diddy. The CD combines the preching-word of gospel music with the smooth sound of R&B.
a conversational expression of gratitude
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a great statement
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a little different