Definitions for "Thallus"
plant body (lacking true roots or stems)
A usually flat vegetative ogan without differentiation into stem and leaves.
a main plant body, not differentiated into a stem and leaves.
An Old Kytohese word which refers to a mythical fourth continent. Scholars believe this is likely the same continent as the lost Grallun.
A solid mass of cellular tissue, consisting of one or more layers, usually in the form of a flat stratum or expansion, but sometimes erect or pendulous, and elongated and branching, and forming the substance of the thallogens.
Keywords:  mycelium, fungal, colony
fungal colony, mycelium
Thallus was a chronologer/historian who flourished in the period from the middle of the 1st century to the late 2nd century. He is occasionally mentioned as a chronographer and historian in the works of early Christian writers.