Definitions for "TFT"
A flat LCD active matrix display (monitor screen). Offers high quality colour representation, and a relatively wide angle of view.
A type of flat-panel monitor.
a fabrication technology used in flat-panel displays where transistors used to operate each pixel are fabricated right onto flat-panel displays.
(abbr.) Thought Field Therapy. (Also called Callahan Techniques). An alternative and currently non-validated psychotherapy treatment. The procedure is claimed to work by tapping various parts of the body in order to rebalance its natural energy system.
Thought Field Therapy developed by Callahan.
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Units that have an aluminum or vinyl-clad exterior frame with a rigid extruded nailing fin on head, side jambs and, possibly, sill.
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THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) THD+N
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Thyroid function test
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Training for Transformation
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Total Fixed Term