Definitions for "Text object"
An object of type JMTextRef used to encapsulate strings passed by JManager functions. In addition to the actual text, a text object also contains text encoding information and the length of the string.
An object derived from CEditableText, that contains a body of text, pictures etc. See also: editable text  picture
A Text object is a block of text you create using one of IRIS Showcase's text tools.
EditDV Unplugged provides this option that allows you to work with text produced by the Titling filter as one unit, instead of individual text characters.
Keywords:  input, html, field, single, tag
a form element and must be defined within a FORM tag
a single-line text input box in an HTML form that enables a user to enter text or numbers
a single text field in a form
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a software feature you use to create a box that holds text so that you can move the text around freely on a page