Definitions for "Text format"
A method of saving word processing files that deletes most formatting and special characters so that the contents can be read or displayed using any word processor, text editor or World Wide Web browser. This is done in order to share documents (such as assignments) with any user (including the instructor). The feature to save your file in text format is usually found under the "Save as.." menu item in most word processors.
You can control how the information you enter is displayed by using one or more of the following elements surrounded by brackets [ or ] within the text string you enter: String Meaning or Purpose˜ Treat this character as a Blank or Space Make the next word entered BOLD when displayed br Start a new line in the display Make the next word entered italicized when displayed Create a new Paragraph beginning with the next word{color} where {color} can be: Black, Purple, Silver, Fuchsia, Navy, Gray, Green, Blue, White, Lime, Teal, Maroon, Olive, Aqua, Red, or Yellow dus... Displays current field value from the User's Profile (e.g. dusFirstName, etc.)
email message without pictures or images, just words
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Preset up to four text styles with font, size, color, style and other characteristics for Project/Scene font consistency and faster editing.
The way text looks as defined by its type specifications.