Definitions for "Text Block"
Keywords:  endpaper, bookbinder, sewn, bound, book
The textual matter of the book, everything that lies between endpaper and endpaper i.e. non-inserted blank leaves, half-titles, titles, illustrations, ads, etc.
The pages/leaves of a book after they have been bound together. A group of printed or written pages that may be or have been bound, excluding all paper to be added by the bookbinder such as the endpapers, etc.
The total of a book's leaves, which is bound into the case.
A term used in the PageMaker page layout program. A text block is an element on a page containing headline or body copy. A text block can be moved independently of any other text block on the page and can be adjusted in width and depth to change the copy flow. Text can be caused to flow from one text block to another allowing a multi-column layout or allowing an article to begin in the front, and continue in the back of a publication.
The rectangular container into which text is typed.
A length of text that visually forms a rectangular shape. This term is often used in typesetting a page layout.
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a string with possibly newlines in it