Definitions for "Text area"
The space on the display device within which the text should fit.
Area within the view rectangle in which text can appear. The label and line cursor margins are not part of the text area. See also: view rectangle  label margin  line cursor margin
The area on a page within the margins that is occupied by text. Also, the main body of a book, excluding prelims and back matter.
A multi-line area used to contain text. In the web, a text area box contains text in one font that can be part of the page or used as a means to submit information from the client to the host.
a box or area that allows users to type in whole paragraphs
a large control that is a substitute to handle a large paragraph where the text box cannot or should not be used
Keywords:  chunks, columns, rows, longer, html
A part of an HTML form that gives users a place to type longer chunks (several columns by several rows) of information. See Part VI.