Definitions for "Tetrasodium EDTA"
Tetrasodium EDTA is an additive that enhances the ability of preservatives. Generally used in soapmaking as a water softener to prevent soap scums and bathtub rings by locking up the calcium and magnesium in water.
Same as sodium EDTA. It's a chelating agent (sequestrant – a remover/separator) that reacts with sodium, calcium and magnesium salts found in hard water and makes them water-soluble. Water softener. A bonding agent that links with minerals to prevent them from causing microbial growth.
Preservative that also acts as a sequestering and chelating agent. (Chelating like a claw grabs onto color etc.)
Eye irritant.Used in some bathroom cleaners. titanium dioxide:    Limited evidence of carcinogencity Hazardous, not as a liquid, but as a dust (as when paint containing titanium dioxide is being sanded or scraped). Used in some paints and shoe polishes