Definitions for "TET"
Tubal Embryo Transfer. The placement of an embryo inside the fallopian tube after in vitro fertilization. The process is meant to mimic the natural process of a fertilized embryo traveling down the tube and implanting in the uterus.
Trans-tubal Embryo Transfer. Replacement of a cleaving conceptus into the uterine tube rather than into the uterus.
tubal embryo transfer. A procedure, usually performed via laparoscopy, in which one or more embryos are inserted in the fallopian tube(s) via a thin catheter a few days following egg retrieval.
The Vietnamese lunar New Year. Usually occurs in late January.
The Chinese lunar new year in late January or early February that is widely celebrated in Vietnam.
the New Year in Vietnam; observed for three days after the first full moon after January 20th
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A female symbol associated with Isis, in the form of a bow. Used as an amulet.
Tender Evaluation Team. The Team of specialists who develop the Tender Evaluation Plan (TEP), conduct the evaluation, rank bids and make a recommendation/s.
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turbine-entry temperature
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Text Extraction Toolkit
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See Tetracycline (Tet)