Definitions for "Tertullian"
(ca.155-220): Coined the term "Trinity" (Tri-unity; Latin, Trinitas). First to described God's three-in-oneness as "three Persons in one essence."
An early church father (160-230) from North Africa known for his misogynistic statements. In his interpretation of 1 Corinthians 11:5-16, he commented, "If 'the man is head of the woman,' of course (he is) of the virgin too, from whom comes the woman who has married; unless the virgin is a third generic class, some monstrosity with a head of its own." Ironically, Tertullian later joined the heretical Montanist sect, which included women in leadership positions. If he wrote any Montanist documents, they are no longer extant.
First major Christian author to write in Latin. Lived in Carthage, capital of Roman province of Africa. His work "Against Marcion" defended the use of the O.T. by the Christian church. He also helped develop the doctrine of the trinity. In his work "On Baptism" he criticized the baptism of children.