Definitions for "Terry"
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A kind of heavy colored fabric, either all silk, or silk and worsted, or silk and cotton, often called terry velvet, used for upholstery and trimmings.
a fabric with uncut loops on one or both sides . May be woven or knit. Used for toweling, robes. Knit versions such as french terry have loops on one side and are sometimes brushed to produce a fleece.
A pile fabric with uncut loops, used especially for towels.
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Terry (1933–1944) was a Cairn Terrier whose most famous role was Toto in the movie The Wizard of Oz (1939). She appeared in thirteen different movies but was only credited in the one.
Terry was a biopic of Canadian amputee athlete Terry Fox, dramatizing his national Marathon of Hope run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. The film, produced by Shaftesbury Films, aired as a television movie on CTV in 2005.
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English actress (1847-1928)
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a long time friend of Coach G's and the Icecats
a professional writer specializing in retail, ADC, and channel issues
a commercial attorney who has a particular passion for making the law more accessible and understandable to non-lawyers