Definitions for "Terra"
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Terra is a fictional character in the DC Universe. Created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, she first appeared in New Teen Titans #26 (December, 1982).
Terra (also known as Terra: 2120 or Terra: Battle for the Outland) was the original Massively Multi-player online computer game, debuting around 1996 from Kaon interactive.
Terra was the name of some science fiction series published by Arthur Moewig Verlag, Munich. Together with the Utopia series of the rival publisher Erich Pabel Verlag, Rastatt the Terra series were the most important science fiction work in the early years of West Germany.
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The earth; earth.
The name of the planet, basically Earth.
Terra: a Spiritual name for the Earth.
(Tare-uh) World of the Bryants and likely anyone who is reading this.
Terra Networks, S. A., usually referred to as "Terra", is an Internet multinational company with headquarters in Spain. Part of Telefonica Group (the former Spain's public telephone monopoly and now one of the most important telecommunications companies in the world), Terra operates both as a web portal and/or an internet access provider in the U.S., Spain, and 16 Latin American countries.
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A densely cratered highland on the Moon.
Those portions of the lunar surface other than the maria; the lighter areas of the Moon. They are visible to the unaided eye.
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a very elegant, bold dressy watch, featuring the OMEGA Co-Axial movements
incognita an unknown or unexplored area or idea
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An extensive land mass.