Definitions for "Terminal Services"
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A Microsoft remote management tool that comes enabled on the BBSM 5.3 appliance. It can be used to access and manage the server remotely.
A Windows service that allows its clients to access Windows features through a server that handles all program execution.
Emulation software that lets users run an application remotely on another computing device. The remote device runs the Terminal Services software, while the local device runs the Terminal Services Client software. For example, users can run Microsoft Word on a desktop PC that is running Terminal Services from their HP iPAQ that is running the Terminal Serviices Client. The HP iPAQ will then display (emulate) the software as it is running on the desktop PC. The Microsoft Windows NT, XP, 2000, and Microsoft Windows 2003 Server operating systems includes the Terminal Services software.
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A computer setup that utilizes older computers by using a Server that provides the computing power and attaching older/lower power PC's that act as dumb terminals and basically provide only the mouse, keyboard, monitor and network attachment. View presentation made by Richard Pratt to Exeter Regional Coop. School Board November 2002.