Definitions for "Terminal emulation"
A very popular network application in which a computer runs software that makes it appear to a host (or a mainframe computer) across the network as a directly attached dumb terminal.
Software running on an intelligent device, typically a PC or workstation, which allows that device to function as an interactive terminal connected to a host system. Examples of such emulation software includes IBM 3270 BSC or SNA, ICL C03, or Digital VT100.
Terminal Emulation allows you to dial up to Panix and use the operating system and the programs on the Panix computers directly. This saves space on your own computer, but it is limited to text-only access to the UNIX shell account. Common terminal emulation programs: Windows Terminal, Procomm Plus, Crosstalk (Win 3.1), Hyperterminal (Win95/NT), Zterm, Microphone (Mac), Telix (DOS).
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When a term program imitates a certain brand of terminal, such as ANSI, VT100, etc.
A technique which enables a system to act like a terminal.
A software package that enables a PC or an RF terminal to simulate any one of several types of terminals.