Definitions for "Tenon"
Keywords:  mortise, mortice, timber, tongue, fit
A projecting member left by cutting away the wood around it, and made to insert into a mortise, and in this way secure together the parts of a frame; especially, such a member when it passes entirely through the thickness of the piece in which the mortise is cut, and shows on the other side. Cf. Tooth, Tusk.
To cut or fit for insertion into a mortise, as the end of a piece of timber.
ten-un) That part of any piece which gets hemped. The hemped tenon has a pressure fit to the piece to which it should be attached. Except on the pipe chanter and practice chanter, the tenon always has a mount adjacent to it. The mount provides a "stop" past which the piece sliding over the tenon can't go.
Jacques-René. 1724-1816 Paris pathologist, surgeon & oculist; T.'s capsule = fascia bulbi = fascia of eyeball (1806).
A metal device that enables an outdoor luminaire to be mounted to a pole.