Definitions for "Tendon"
Keywords:  fibrous, tough, bone, cord, inelastic
A tough insensible cord, bundle, or band of fibrous connective tissue uniting a muscle with some other part; a sinew.
the flexible tissue that attaches muscles to bones; when a tendon becomes inflamed, the condition is referred to as tendonitis.
a cord that connects mucsle to bone or other tissue
A steel element such as a wire, cable, bar, rod, or strand used to impart pre-stress to concrete when the element is tensioned. See rebar.
In pretensioned applications, the tendon is the pre-stressing steel. In post-tensioned applications, the tendon is a complete assembly consisting of anchorages, prestressing steel, and sheathing with coating for unbonded applications or ducts with grout for bonded applications.
A Tension Element of a Tensegrity Structure
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Tendon (particularly beef tendon) is used as a food in some Asian cuisines (often served at Yum Cha or Dim Sum restaurants). One popular dish is Suan Bao Niu Jin, where the tendon is marinated in garlic.
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tendo = I stretch out; a tendon.
Latin tendo = I stretch out.
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rice topped with tempura fried shrimp.