Definitions for "Temporary restraining order"
An emergency remedy that prevents some action for a brief period of time. The court will issue a TRO only in exceptional circumstances, such as when immediate or irreparable damage might result otherwise.
A legal order issued by a judge on behalf of a person who has claimed to have been harassed or injured by another person. It forbids further harassment or injury by the offender named in the offended person's complaint. If a TRO is issued, the court also hears the alleged offender's statement in a second session. Based on this hearing the court can decide to make the TRO permanent, and may then issue an injunction against any further harassment or injury to the plaintiff. Failure to comply with a TRO or an injunction can result in arrest of the offender.
A judicial order which is granted by a judge of the Superior Court. This order temporarily prohibits the trustee from proceeding with any further action under a specific foreclosure file until a trial is held or settlement reached. A TRO is effective, generally, for a 21 day time period or until a hearing is held and the judge decides whether a preliminary injunction will be granted or denied.
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