Definitions for "Tempered"
Brought to a proper temper; as, tempered steel; having (such) a temper; -- chiefly used in composition; as, a good-tempered or bad-tempered man; a well-tempered sword.
Strengthened. Tempered glass will not shatter nor create shards, but will “pelletize” like an automobile window. Required in tub and shower enclosures, for example.
made hard or flexible or resilient especially by heat treatment; "a sword of tempered steel"; "tempered glass"
TerraCotta TongueAndGroove TreatedLumber
adjusted or attuned by adding a counterbalancing element; "criticism tempered with kindly sympathy"
martensite.  The mixture of ferrite and cementite formed when martensite is tempered.
From the ancient latin meaning to mix.
Grains exposed to water by mixing and soaking for short intervals of time prior to rolling or grinding to enhance nutritional characteristics of the grain.
Thoroughly mixed cement or mortar.
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For egg yolks this means being lightly cooked, to no more than 65°C.
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A term applied to cold worked material such as strip, sheet, wire, expressing the range of mechanical properties as produced by the cold work (as is quarter hard, half hard, etc.).
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Maintained at temperatures from 15 ºC to 30 ºC (60 ºF to 85 ºF).