Definitions for "TEM"
transmission electron micrograph. an image produced by an electron microscope. A beam of small particles (electrons) is directed through a very thin object.
Transmission Electron Microscope. With a TEM, an electron source (usually a vacuum-heated tungsten filament) bombards the sample as magnetic lenses produce images of the result on a fluorescent screen. To produce a good image, the sample must be thin enough to allow penetration by the electrons. As a result, not all specimens can be made thin enough to produce a detailed image with a TEM.
Transmission Electron Microscopy.
Transverse electromagnetic mode.
Transient Electromagnetic Method in which the primary energizing field is a repetitive pulse.
The lowest mode of oscillation in the laser; preferable because it gives most uniform illumination and is most stable mode of oscillation.
Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery; a surgical procedure that involves removal of early or superficial rectal cancers through the anus, tumors must be non-aggressive and unattached to nearby blood or lymphatic vessels.
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Icon Author Template or Turbo Editor Macro Language
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Temporary Use Approvals VAR Variance
Telecoms Expense Management. The business processes which encompass the entire telecommunications life cycle including Ordering & provisioning, Invoice & bill management, Payment, Asset management, Contract and rate negotiation and management
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God of the setting sun, depicted as a ram-headed man. Identified with Ra.