Definitions for "TELESCOPE"
A device having a relation to the eye similar to that of the telephone to the ear, enabling distant objects to plague us with a multitude of needless details. Luckily it is unprovided with a bell summoning us to the sacrifice.
An optical instrument used in viewing distant objects, as the heavenly bodies.
a device to look through that makes far-off objects seem closer and larger
German physicist Hans Wolter (1911-1978) conceived a series of designs for grazing-incidence telescopes, requiring photons to undergo two successive reflections from combinations of paraboloid-hyperboloid (particularly suited for extended field of view imaging) or paraboloid-ellipsoid surfaces (for spectroscopy requiring smaller field of view but higher spatial resolution).
Telescope is a Canadian television series which aired on the CBC between 1963 and 1973.
To slide or pass one within another, after the manner of the sections of a small telescope or spyglass; to come into collision, as railway cars, in such a manner that one runs into another; to become compressed in the manner of a telescope, due to a collision or other force.
To cause to come into collision, so as to telescope.
Capable of being extended or compacted, like a telescope, by the sliding of joints or parts one within the other; telescopic; as, a telescope bag; telescope table, etc.; -- now more commonly replaced by the term telescoping.
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an impedance matcher
crush together or collapse; "In the accident, the cars telescoped"; "my hiking sticks telescope and can be put into the backpack"
to shorten or abridge significantly; as, to telescope a whole semester's lectures into one week.
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a torsion pendulum (one degree of freedom)
a must here, as many raptors pass at some distance, or should be picked up well before they are already overhead
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a web metasearch engine for Windows
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a system that is only as strong as its weakest link
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To cover the same amount of materials or activities in less time and therefore allowing more time for enrichment activities and projects better suited to individual interest and needs.
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make smaller or shorter; "the novel was telescoped into a short play"
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See Sight, Telescope (Telescopic).
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a "space-borne
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an investment
a significant investment for most of us
A lens system that allows for visualization.
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a useful tool- but only if you know what to do with it
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a time machine